The registration system will be open on July 1st.
Registration alllows you to attend to both SBMF 2007 and LSFA 2007.

Please follow the link corresponding to your preferred language, at the end of this page.

All the amounts are expressed in Brazilian currency, Real (U$S 1 = R$ 2,10, approx).

Category Until July 27 From July 28 to August 30 Afterwards
Professional R$290 R$330 R$390
     SBC Associate R$230 R$280 R$300
Graduate Student R$100 R$140 R$180
     SBC Associate R$ 90 R$110 R$150
Undergraduate Student R$ 50 R$ 70 R$100
     SBC Associate R$ 40 R$ 60 R$ 90

Registration form in English.

Formulário de inscrição em Português.

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