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Foreigners need to be able to present their passport at any time if requested by the police, so please do carry your passport all the time.

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Directions to Ouro Preto

Free transportation will be provided by SBMF/LSFA from the Belo Horizonte international airport (CNF-Confins) to Ouro Preto, according to the following shuttle timetable:

Direction Date Time
CNF -> Ouro Preto 27/08 15:00
CNF -> Ouro Preto 27/08 18:00
CNF -> Ouro Preto 27/08 21:30
CNF -> Ouro Preto 28/08 11:00
CNF -> Ouro Preto 28/08 14:00
Ouro Preto -> CNF 31/08 18:00
Ouro Preto -> CNF 01/09 10:00

Please check the list of passengers of each suttle here. In case you notice any mistake or miss on this list, please e-mail to

Ouro Preto is located 90 km from Belo Horizonte and 120 km from CNF airport. The trip from CNF to Ouro Preto takes about 2 hours.

From CNF to Ouro Preto by taxi or bus

A taxi from the CNF airport to Ouro Preto costs about R$ 250,00.

If you decide to go by bus, take a bus from the CNF airport to Belo Horizonte's Central Bus Station ("Rodoviária de Belo Horizonte"), and from the bus station you take another bus to Ouro Preto. Please check for information about CNF-Belo Horizonte bus prices and timetable here. Buses from Belo Horizonte to Ouro Preto leave about once an hour.

From Belo Horizonte to Ouro Preto by car

Leaving Belo Horizonte, travel for approximately 30 km along the BR-040 and, then, take the BR-356 at about 60 km from Ouro Preto.

Currency change agencies are available at CNF International Airport in Belo Horizonte. Currency change is only available in Ouro Preto at some touristic shopping stores. You will need to bring your passport to do the transaction (but since you are supposed to carry your passport with you, this should not be a problem). For currency rates look here.

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. If you speak spanish or italian, you may be able to communicate without too much difficulties with most people.
Electricity adapters

Brazil is a bi-volt country (110V and 220V), and Ouro Preto is a 110V area. Frequency is 60Hz. The electric adapters usually accept both round pin and flat blade plugs. For extensive details on electric adapters in Brazil, please have a look here.

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